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The Queen’s
Most Gracious Majesty

The Author of these volumes ventured
To solicit for them Your Majesty’s patronage, being persuaded
that Your Majesty felt interest in a study which both tends 
to promote the refinement of those who apply themselves to
it, and bears witness to the Glory of God.

However imperfectly the work has been executed, it cannot
but in some degree, from the very nature of the subject,
advance these ends.

It is, therefore, humbly dedicated to Your Majesty, in
accordance with the permission so graciously given.

Your Majesty’s

Loyal and Dutiful Subject and Servant,

Francis Orpen Morris

Francis Orpen Morris author of Morris's British Birds 1891

Hello: I hope you enjoyed looking at even just some of these beautiful bird prints. was conceived because I believed that many people around the world would also enjoy looking at them, and I was right. It soon became evident that many thousands of people from around the world have looked at BirdCheck, clocking up over a million hits.
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