The Belted Kingfisher
 Morris's British Birds 1891
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Belted Kingfisher
Image Title: Belted Kingfisher
Description: Belted Kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon)

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Status and distribution VAGRANT Breeds over much of North America except in parts of north-central Canada.

A partial migrant with most birds from the interior moving south Aug-early Nov, returning Mar-May, but some birds stay north in coastal areas. Common migrant on Atlantic coast.

In the Western Palearctic recorded in the British Is and Iceland, Netherlands and twice in the Azores.

British Is records (>10), mostly in Ireland in Oct-Nov but records for all months due to long-staying individuals, one for more than a year.

Habitat Rivers and streams, lakes, ponds and along sea-coasts. Perches conspicuously and fishes from a perch or hovers over the water.

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